Ryan Converse (b. 1988 Danville, KY) is a multimedia artist and educator currently living and working in Providence, RI. His uniquely esoteric and personal aesthetic translates seemlessly across diverse media including film/video, illustration, photography, sound, performance, installation, and sculpture. His work arises through a long-cultivated relationship with and development of personal mythology.

As a performer, he has toured across the United States and has been featured in numerous festivals and special events inlcluding Debacle Fest (WA), Fabricated Realities (Olympia, WA), HERE/NOW (Seattle, WA), Katabatik Summer Solstice (CA), Performance Laboratory of Objects and Puppets (WA), Seattle Occultural Music Festival (WA), and Cascadian Yule (WA).

Artist Statement

I view all my work as aspects of one greater evolving creation. Each piece of work furthers this story and is in conversation with earlier pieces. I work across a series of mediums to give many dimensions to this world. I have worked in performance, film, photography, sculpture, painting, illustration, sound, mask-making, costume design, installation, ritual theater, and new media. Even though each medium is important in its own right, I find the highest level of synthesis in moving-image work. As a teaching artist I hold mask-building workshops that cater to the youth and adults with developmental disabilities.

Photo by John Voight  

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